Oct 8, 2021

This Is Us

At Home Self Portraits

Ida Irvine

Being photographers, much like with any profession, we don’t have a lot of pictures of us. So we decided to set up the tripod one day, hooked the camera up to my phone, and did a little at home portrait session. Just the three of us. So here’s some behind the scenes of our little family.

Mari, our little ginger baby, was an SPCA rescue kitten. My sister volunteered at the shelter and this little darling just followed her wherever she went. She sent me videos and I instantly knew we were soulmates.

She was thin, the areas around her ears were bare because of ringworm and at one point she didn’t eat anything. I thought she was on her way out. But she’s still here and she turned into quite the lady.

I picked this guy up in Cape Town. We met at a braai (bbq) my cousin organised for my birthday. He said it was love at first sight from his side. But I was the one that got the ball rolling ;).

I’ll say I landed a pretty stand-up guy.

We moved from Cape Town to Tsumeb (where we got married and started the photo stuff) and then we moved to Windhoek (where the photo stuff really took off) and now we’re moving back to Cape Town. Duncan is a water baby. He misses his surfs and dives.

I’m mostly behind the camera. I like to create things and write about stuff, even though I don’t always feel like I’m particularly good at writing.

Oh – the plant. Well that’s one of the only plants that has managed to survive in our little flat.

I think we’re an odd little pack sometimes. But we love each other and we love what we do. And I think we’re pretty good at both.

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